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standing out from the crowd...

In today’s competitive employment market where employers, recruiters and employment personnel assess hundreds of applications for a single position, it is important that you present a results-focussed resume that:


•Is professionally designed and developed to maximise impact and provide you with a competitive advantage

•Has customised content to meet the employers expectations through the use of persuasive language that compels them to read

•Uses a contemporary, concise format that creates interest, ensuring that your expertise and accomplishments are recognised

•Is the appropriate length (no less than 3-4 pages) to showcase your work history in comprehensive detail.


If you are not successfully achieving interviews and you don’t understand the reason behind it – then it is time to re-evaluate your strategy. Ask yourself:


•How many interviews am I getting out of the many applications I’m sending away?

•Is my Resume an effective strong and competitive marketing tool that creates high impact?

•Would I employ me based on what I read?

•Does my application exactly address the job ad?


Your Resume may be letting you down – it is time to outsource a professional resume writer. We will focus our time, effort and expertise on creating an outstanding resume for you so that people notice you and immediately recognise that you are the person to invite to interview.


Professional Resumes

A professional resume  at AMC is a marketing document that is professionally written by a HR, recruitment and strategic career specialist/expert, so that it markets your talents, skills, attributes and capabilties to your best advantage.  You only have one chance to shine, so it always pays to put your career and future into the hands of a person is an expert!


Resumes today are targeted and written exclusively toward a specific job, or type of jobs. This is to showcase the exact skills that will be relevant to that particular role. A generic Resume misses the opportunity to be specific and often vital information is missing.


How it is written is also important – the language used and skill level need to reflect the different levels of jobs that are being applied for. For example, if the job is highly technical, it should not be written in simple language like a school leaver or entry level worker would. Similarly, it was an entry-level position, then “management speak” in the Resume would not be appropriate either.


Professional Resumes @ AMC provides professional resume writing services, covering ALL industries, to help you succeed in getting the job you want! Your Resume will be professionally developed and written by a Master degree qualified HR consultant (Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations).


People often ask “can you write a Resume for XYZ Industry?” The answer is YES!!! From Director General’s, to Tennis Coaches, Coal Miners to Roustabouts on Oil Rigs, to Gardeners to Paramedics to Morticians, Admin Assistants to Engineers – Anne has written Resumes to suit ALL industries.


Anne’s background is significant and encompasses private industry, government sector and small business. Anne also knows what the recruitment agencies are looking for! She has had first hand experience as a senior recruiter in Mining (in-house for a Coal Mine) and Engineering and Technical for a Specialist Recruitment Agency.  Anne’s specialist expertise for writing Resumes goes across:


•Mining, Engineering and Technical (Blue and White Collar)

•Executive Management, Management and Leadership , Medicine and Academia

•Administration, Customer Service, HR, IT, Retail, Hospitality and Small Business

•Training, Assessment and Workplace Safety


still unsure?  have your resume critiqued for free

We encourage people to seek a professional opinion prior to moving ahead if they are unsure.  So, we offer a Free Resume Critique – simply forward your Resume to us and we will respond with some honest tips for improvement and the process of how to move forward if you would like it revamped and rewritten.  If we don’t feel it needs improving, we will say so!  


urgent work – check to see if it can be accommodated

We know that sometimes a job pops up and it has fast approaching end-date. As part of our service we try to accommodate every urgent request, however it is not always possible.


As a guide, you need to give the writer at least a week to craft your Resume for you, however if you don’t have that time, check to see if your Resume can be done urgently - please don’t just assume it can be done. You will be advised if it can be achieved for you and that there will be an extra fee to do this urgent work, and that is $50.


The $50 urgent fee applies to any work where the final copy is required with less than 5 working days notice.  Please also note that urgency is not just about your application due date, it is about what juggling needs to be done to accommodate your request so that it meets both your deadline, and already scheduled commitments - think of it as a user-pays triage system.  


cover letter

A cover letter is a professional introduction to your potential employer or recruitment agency. You are expected to include a cover letter with your resume when you apply for a position. It is used to highlight your skills, experience and attributes against the job specifications.


First impressions count and a cover letter is your opportunity to capture the recruiter's attention and persuade them that you deserve an interview. As an added bonus, it can maximise the potential of having your resume read comprehensively rather than quickly scanned. Make the most of this brief moment to convince the employer that you are a strong contender for the role.


We can produce a powerful, competitive cover letter for an advertised position or structured to effectively target your preferred employers


skills audit - if you don’t have a resume

As part of our resume service we guide you through a comprehensive skills audit to ensure you are able to demonstrate the breadth of your capabilities, in-line with the role, to your potential new employer.  This is a document that is sent to you via email, if required, to ask you important information that my not be in your current Resume.  It is also used to build your Resume from scratch if you don’t already have one.



As a lot of applications are requested as totally on-line now, we can also ensure that your Resume is in PDF format so that it retains the formatting across a broad range of systems.  This will ensure that the content remains intact whilst the presentation remains clear, concise and easy to read.



If you are not completely happy with your Resume please notify us within one week of receiving your document and we will re-write it for you.  As it is a hand-crafted and individually written product often involving many hours of customised work, refunds are not issued under any circumstances.


professional resumes - rates

As a Resume is the most important marketing document you will ever own, having a Professional Resume developed should be viewed as an investment into your future, not a cost.  


the value of a polished, professionally-written document

Professional Resumes @ AMC

This office is closed until January 2018 as I am overseas on holidays for the rest of the year.

If you are able to wait, I look forward to helping you in January 2018