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Terms and Conditions

As the Client, you are engaging Anne McDowell Consulting to undertake development, writing and overhaul work on a Resume, Selection Criteria, personal and public social media profile,  or having AMC provide advice on how to achieve a new career direction based on YOUR wants and desires for career direction.  You enter into this agreement freely, and are not coerced, threatened or pressured in any way. Payment is maded up front, with no exceptions, and once payment has been received, work can commence, and once work has been undertaken and finalised, the Client is the owner of the work and is at liberty to change or modify the product at will.

Make it known that all advice is based on genuine opinion formed from years of experience over 17 years of management in the business world, 5 years in actual recruitment (boutique agency and coal mine) and 17 years in training, learning and development, plus a Master Degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.  Advice is given freely in the form of an honest critique and suggestion is made on where documents could be strengthened so as to capture or enhance the current skill set.  No-obligation options are then given if the person wishes to proceed and engage AMC, or alternatively find another provider to offer that service based on the information given.  The Client has no redress with AMC if they are not invited for interview.  Lastly, the Client has the choice to do nothing at all and stay with the document they presented for critiquing.

In addition, no claim or guarantee is made that the re-written document will land the Client an interview - interviews are secured based on the persons skill set best matching the requirements for the position applied for.  Writers at AMC cannot and do not fabricate, lie or creatively enhance a person's history to present what is not true - writers can also only present the person in the best possible marketing light when they have the time and are given the correct information to do so.  AMC accepts no responsibility for verifying the credibility of information that is presented by the Client.

If the Client is not completely happy with the Resume, notify AMC within one week of receiving the Final Copy and the problem areas will be re-written (not the entire document).  As it is a hand-crafted and individually written product, refunds are not issued under ANY circumstances.

Privacy Policy

At Anne McDowell Consulting we protect Client privacy and do not reveal, market or sell any personal details to any party.  Neither do we supply personal details in any form to any person, business or organisation for the purposes of marketing or selling a product/service


Documents are always completed in Microsoft Word, and generally in 97-2003 Format, to enable opening on most computers and are sent by email to the Client for editing, and also for the Final Copy.


For Clients attending the AMC Office, the Resume is printed on hard copy and issued electronically for the client's future self-editing.

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